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Fall 2018-2019 Class Schedule, Levels, and Tuition Costs


Class Levels:

Buddy and Me (age 3 & 4, light pink leotard)

Little Steps for Christ (age 3 & 4, light pink leotard)

Pre-Dance Levels (age 5 and 6, lavendar leotard)

Level 1 (age 7 & 8, light blue leotard) 

Level 2 (class placement, royal blue leotard)

Level 3 (class placement, teal leatard)

Level 4 ( class placement green or black leotard)

Level 5 (class placement plum or black leotard)

Level 6 (class placement red or black leotard)



The following schedule is subject to change based on enrollment.


Ballet    Jazz   Modern   Pointe    Tap    Little Steps    Hip Hop   











Pointe/Pre-Pointe Classes 




Little Steps Ballet /Tap Combo


Hip Hop


Buddy and Me Ballet












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