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Huntington, WV

True Impact Performing and Visual Arts

TID Continuing Dance Education Programs 



True Impact Youth Dance Company hosts two story ballets annually. By offering the story ballet experience to our students, we're creating well-rounded students who understand that dance stems from a "process," rather than a fast route to a "product." Lessons that are learned in the classroom and on the concert stage will prepare a student for life, regardless of what career path they choose to follow as adults.



True Impact Dance prides itself in it's family friendly approach to dance competitions. Costumes are modest and music selections are always family friendly. Students may participant in optional fundraisers to make particpating in dance competitions affordable. 


 True Impact's Appalachain Belles is a precision kick-line program for students aged 7 and above. Dancers will  learn fun and motivating "Rockette" style holiday choreography in which they will perform at community functions such as parades, fairs, and more!